Startup Framework

You have the design, you have the code

Features of Startup Framework

The second sneak-peek

The most important parts of the Startup Framework are Samples and the UI Kit that includes a set of different components. The samples consist of a set of 25 pages.

Feel our design

Samples will show you the feeling on how to play around using the components in the website building process. To get started, you select the sample and base the website on it.

Variety of designs

Use samples as-is or with new blocks from a UI Kit

Easy to use

To get started, you select the desired sample and base the entire website on it. It’s that simple!

Variety of designs

Each of these beautiful samples you can use as-is or with new blocks from a UI Kit to make your startup.

User Guide

You’ll get a description of each component and learn how to connect and use them.

Responsive Layout

Of course we haven’t forgotten about the responsive layout. Create a website with full mobile support.

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